Citywide Carpet Cleaning - steam cleaningThe best cleaning solution!

Carpets can accumulate a tremendous amount of ground in dirt and odor over time.  Normal vacuuming simply cannot remove these types of issues.  The most effective cleaning for your carpet will leave no residue of odors- this is where Citywide Carpet Cleaning steam cleaning comes in!

Our high temperature steam (250-300 degrees) is the technically the most effective for a deep steam clean.  In fact, anything below 213 degrees is a misrepresentation of the word “steam”.  Our thoroughly trained and certified specialists will make sure your carpet is restored to its original, fresh smelling condition!

When steam cleaning your carpet, we only use the most advanced equipment, to maintain the beauty of your carpets.  We carefully determine the right setup for each job- and we will discuss the right approach for your home.

Once your carpets are steam cleaned, it is important to give the proper time for drying.  We will set up multiple blowers to assist in this process, and will schedule our visit around you having enough flexibility for proper drying.

We are so confident you will love your fresh smelling, beautiful steam cleaned carpets, we offer a 100% guarantee- if you aren’t satisfied, we’ll repeat the process or offer a complete refund!  Call Citywide Carpet Cleaning today!

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