Citywide Carpet Cleaning - sofa cleaningA clean that’s more than skin deep.

Your sofas and love seats are where you and your family and pets come to relax and connect together. Unfortunately, they are also a place where soils, resides and odors can become deeply embedded.

At Citywide Carpet Cleaning, our trained and certified cleaning technicians will transform your furniture to become “just like new”, with our in depth cleaning solutions and commercial grade cleaning equipment.

We begin with a thorough analysis of your furniture- and together we determine the best approach to clean and deodorize every sofa and love seat, whether upholstered or leather.

Our specialists then conduct a thorough cleaning, every inch of your sofas will be deep cleaned, deodorized, and ready for your next family time!

Don’t settle for average- and you don’t need to buy new furniture.  Citywide Carpet Cleaning will provide professional, deep cleaning to your favorite chair, sofa or love seat.  We’ll give you the fresh, healthy cleaning your home deserves!

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