Citywide Carpet Cleaning - carpet cleaningYour home deserves the best.

While normal vacuuming will remove most debris and dirt from your carpet, it is not the deep, healthy clean that your home deserves. There are many residues that are left behind from pets, cooking vapors, and tracked-in dirt.

Citywide Carpet Cleaning specializes in the type of cleaning normal vacuuming can’t accomplish. Removing these deep rooted contaminants will not only help your carpets to look fresh and clean, but also significantly extend their life- saving you money!

We begin by evaluating the needs of your carpeting. We will explain the best approach, what types of procedures, and what types of cleaning supplies to get the job done. You’ll be involved every step!

We begin by treating spots and stains that need special attention, then apply cleaning solution to the entire carpet. With our state-of-the-art equipment, the process is faster than most people think- and your carpets will look fresh and clean, just like new!

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